Critical Questions to Ask Expert Dry Cleaners Regarding the Cleaning of Business Suits

8 November 2021
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You have finally landed the dream job you applied for several months ago, and all that remains is buying several suits since the dress code is formal wear. Notably, business suits can make a statement wherever you go as long as you handle them properly. Sadly, most people rely on misinformation so they don't adequately take care of their suits. Fortunately, you can easily find expert advice regarding proper dry-cleaning techniques. This article highlights essential questions to ask how dry cleaners handle business suits. 

How Often Should Business Suits Be Dry-Cleaned?

It is perhaps one of the most confusing areas when it comes to cleaning business suits. While some people opine that you should dry clean a suit occasionally, you must consider certain factors. For instance, if you live in Western Australia, where temperatures can reach 45 degrees C, you should dry-clean your suits after every wear. Notably, the high temperatures increase the rate of sweating. Since sweat contains ammonia, the chances of your suit getting discoloured are high. Therefore, dry-cleaning your suit after every wear washes away the sweat and ammonia and helps maintain its colour. However, if you live and work in cooler regions where sweating is not an issue, you can get away with occasional dry-cleaning. Ultimately, the frequency of dry-cleaning a business suit should be guided by the climate.

What Information Does a Dry Cleaner Need?

Professional dry cleaners are not in the business of inspecting your business suit or guessing what is wrong with it. Therefore, you must feed a dry cleaner with vital information to help them provide the best possible service. For instance, you can point out something that needs extra attention, such as stains, loose strings, missing buttons, and fraying hemlines, among others. The information allows a dry cleaner to determine the proper pre-treatment procedure to ensure that your suit looks pristine when you pick it. Failure to provide such information can lead to expensive damages, which would be your fault, not a dry cleaner's.

Is At-Home Pre-Treatment Allowed?

The answer to this question is a resounding no. If you know little or nothing about cleaning quality business suits, avoid pre-treating them at all costs. Doing it increases the chances of damaging the fabric. The reason is that a dry cleaner might not know how their solvents will react with the detergents you have used. Thus, avoid soaking or pre-treating your business suit before delivery to a dry cleaner. Instead, let the professionals do what they are best at, pre-treating and dry-cleaning your suits appropriately.

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