Three mistakes people make when buying kitchen cabinets

17 March 2021
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Here are the main mistakes shoppers usually make when they buy kitchen cabinets.

They buy a high-quality, hefty worktop and pair it with cheap cabinets

There is nothing wrong with budget-friendly cabinets; however, when a person purchases a top-quality, heavy worktop and pairs it with some very inexpensive cabinets that are not particularly sturdy, things can go wrong. Cheap kitchen cabinets are best used with equally-inexpensive, lightweight worktops. This is because when, for instance, a heavy marble worktop is laid on some economy plywood cabinets, the latter simply cannot withstand the former's weight for very long.

Whilst this won't usually result in the cabinets total collapse, it may gradually lead to the bowing of their walls or might result in them developing lots of cracks. In this situation, the only solution would be to either repair the cabinets and attach a lighter worktop to them, or to buy some new, sturdier cabinets.

They buy gorgeous cabinets that don't match their household

Certain kitchen cabinets are more appropriate for some households than for others. However, some shoppers refuse to accept this and end up buying stunning kitchen cabinets that are the exact opposite of what their household needs. For example, while glass kitchen cabinets can look stunning and work wonderfully in homes that consist only of adults, they're not usually the best variety for households with kids. This material might not work for you if your kids (or even some adults) are accident-prone or messy. 

Repairing damaged cabinets could be costly to sort out—the kids might even attempt to pick up the shards, which could be dangerous. In this household, some thick, sturdy and virtually unbreakable wooden cabinets with a stain-resistant varnish would be much better.

They buy laminate cabinets when they're a heavy kitchen user

Laminate cabinets are a fantastic choice for budget-conscious shoppers who use their kitchen an average amount. However, it's a big mistake for heavy kitchen users (i.e. those that devote their entire weekends to baking and like to draw out the dinner-making process for a couple of hours every evening) to get these cabinets. These cabinets are not designed to be, for example, opened and closed dozens of times a day and can lack the stain-resistance and overall toughness that is needed for cabinets in a busy kitchen to stay in good condition. As such, they simply won't last long in a prolific baker's kitchen.

For more ideas about which designs or materials are right for you, contact kitchen cabinet contractors.