Two things to buy during your next shopping trip if you want to stop smoking cigarettes

17 July 2018
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If you have decided to stop smoking cigarettes, you might want to pick up the following items during your next shopping trip. These things should make the process of quitting this bad habit a little easier.

A vape kit

If you want to stop smoking but you know you're going to miss the act of inhaling cigarettes regularly, you might want to buy a vape kit when you next go shopping.

A vape kit will usually contain a vape (otherwise known as an e-cigarette), as well as a selection of flavoured vaping liquids. Vapes are electronic devices which many people use when they decide to quit smoking. These handheld items are similar, in both shape and size, to normal cigarettes, but do not contain the dozens of toxic chemicals that cigarettes do.

This type of device can be filled with a special vaping liquid which usually contains a mixture of glycerine, flavourings and in some cases, nicotine (it should be noted the availability of nicotine e-cigarettes may vary, depending on where you live). When the device is switched on, it heats up this liquid to the point where the fluid begins to turn into a flavoured vapour.

This vapour mimics the appearance and sensation of cigarette smoke, without actually damaging your lungs or giving you bad breath, whilst the vape itself can help to occupy your hands in the same comforting way that a real cigarette does.

A selection of healthy snack foods

Many people who give up smoking find that they turn to junk food to ease their cravings for cigarettes. This can often result in them gaining an unhealthy amount of weight and experiencing a whole host of other health issues as a result of this weight gain. If your primary reason for giving up cigarettes is to improve your physical health, then it's important to make a conscious effort not to make this mistake.

However, this is easier said than done; you may find that the irritability you experience during the first few weeks after quitting makes it much harder to control your appetite. As such, it's best to simply allow yourself to eat a little bit more during this initial stage of quitting. However, where possible, try to make sure that the extra food that you consume is low calorie and relatively healthy.

Stocking up on things like readymade crudites (consisting of things like celery, carrots and cucumbers), as well as snack pots of sugar-free jelly, granola bars and single-serving size packets of peanut butter during your next shopping trip will ensure that when your desire for junk food strikes, you will have a selection of healthy, fairly low-calorie items which will ease your cravings without causing you to gain too much weight.