Dealing with an estate clearance

10 November 2017
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Dealing with the estate of a deceased loved one can be a daunting task. Even where the legalities are straightforward -- if a will with a named executor exists and no one needs to apply for probate -- the challenge of clearing the property for sale or rental can be a difficult one, both emotionally and practically. 

Clearing the home

In the case of a rented property, there may be significant time pressure to prepare the building for new rentals. This can often mean repairs and redecoration, which can't happen before the deceased's property is cleared out of the building. But this can mean having to sort quickly through a large number of objects. Some may have personal value, others might be worth money, and still others might need to be disposed of. Even something as simple as throwing unwanted objects away can be a challenge when dealing with the accumulated possessions of a lifetime. 

Contacting a valuer

One way of dealing with the challenge of clearing out a loved one's home is to contact an estate services company.  These firms specialise in assessing the value of an estate. They will provide a written valuation of the estate's contents; if there are antiques or other items, of value, they will make an offer either to buy the estate outright from you or sell items at auction for you. In addition, they will remove and dispose of any other items. 

Additional services

The exact details of estate services vary, but typical arrangements will include a detailed inventory of the estate's contents. Items not destined for sale or given to a beneficiary will be sorted into charity donations and rubbish and removed without any further effort on your part. Your estate services firm may also manage the property during the clearance period, including letting family members and other beneficiaries in to collect bequests and providing access for tradespeople; if you don't live near the deceased, this can simplify the process of clearance. 

An estates clearance services firm can help with clearing a deceased loved one's estate in a number of different ways. The relationship can include anything from simply providing instant cash for antiques to managing every aspect of the estate. No matter what set of services you eventually agree on, a professional estate clearance firm takes away the difficulty and uncertainty of dealing with the deceased's estate, letting you deal privately with your loss.